apartment sous-les-tuiles

with all luxery

The apartment Sous les Tuiles can be rented, during all seasons of the year.

For more information, availability and price, please get in contact via the form (on contactpage) or via a call / voicemail to Saskia Kuiper +31(0)627054923.

Or use the reservation button.


how to get there

By Car

Starting at Lyon you will pass Albertville, Moûtiers, Bourg St. Maurice, Sainte Foy Tarentaise before driving up the mountain to Sainte Foy Station or Bonconseil.

Make sure you have, in the periode of 1st November – 1st April, the snow chains directly available. In winterly conditions the snow chains might be needed to get to the chalet.

By train

The time travelling by train depends on the season of the year. In wintertime the traveltime is usually smaller then in summertime. Besides this, in wintertime the frequency of trains is higher then in summer.
The train trip will end in Bourg St. Maurice. From this station general taxi’s and Sainte-Foy-taxi’s are available to get to Sainte Foy Station. This part of the travel will take 25 minutes.

By plane

Travelling by plane will bring you to Lyon or Geneve (and in sometimes Chambery). Travelling from Lyon takes 2,5 hours by (rented) car. In a lot of cases you can book a package deal (fly / drive).

We look forward to your stay!